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When it comes to selecting and registering a trademark, Bush Intellectual Property Law is ready to help you with our over 25 years of intellectual property law experience. We have successfully obtained numerous registered trademarks from the US Patent & Trademark Office on behalf of our clients. Please contact us if you would like to discuss our trademark services.


What is a Trademark?

A trademark or service mark (collectively "trademark" or "mark") is any word, name, symbol, logo, or other device used to indicate an entity as the source of its goods and/or services and to identify and distinguish its goods and/or services from those of others.

The Trademark Process

When adopting a trademark, a mark should be selected that is capable of serving as a source identifier. For example, marks that are wholly descriptive of the associated goods and/or services may not adequately function as a source identifier. In addition, a mark should be carefully selected to avoid adopting a mark that is confusingly similar to a mark already owned by another. Trademark availability searches assist in minimizing these risks.

Once a trademark has been selected, the mark should typically be protected through federal registration. To obtain federal registration of a trademark in the United States, a trademark application must be submitted to the US Patent & Trademark Office. The application must meet specific legal requirements and should properly describe the mark and the goods and/or services that the mark is being used with or will be used with.

If properly protected and maintained, marks can be owned indefinitely. See an example of a federally registered trademark:

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